Friday, 27 August 2010

The New Puppy.

Me Hiding In My Bed
My Humans have been very strange lately, first they had lots of meeting's round the table, next they have been very nervous about something.

One day they they talked on the phone to somebody and the
n get very excited about something.
We went in the car for about half an hour then we went to a place that smelled of dog, My Humans got out and left me!

They came back in about an hour and a half and they smelled of puppy!

Then Egg Dad and the little one left me with Mum and went away!
They came back and took me into in to our territory (garden) with a box that smelled of puppy!
they let me sniff it then let out the little black puppy inside!

He was alright I mean he was very small and could not run fast so he was not much fun but I tried to get him to play but every time I went near him he just fell over!
So we went inside and and I noticed that my humans had not taken him away!
They patted and played with him, I did not like it one little bit!

Then he went on MY sofa! He is also very noisy if they locked him in his pen.

The next day I hoped that he might have gone but he was still there and whats more he was playing with my toys! I spent most of the day hiding on the sofa cos if you went off it Nero (Thats what my humans called him) would poke you with his nose, jump on your head and bite your tail!

Me Trying To Get Nero To Play
So I don't like him that much but I have got him to play with me a couple of times which was alright but he was always falling over.

It looks like hes here to stay which is annoying but I guess he will help me when we go on hunts (walks) as my humans are rubbish, but they have not even taken him on a hunt they just left the little one with him while I Egg and mum went without him.
Bye for now and i'm keeping my hopes up that he will go, you never know, I guess hes alright