Monday, 10 November 2008

funny human things!

The things humans have and do I mean!Well they did make the PC what I am using at the minute so that was a good one. But wot i hate is is the cap... No the caar yes that's it the car when I go in I have to sit in a cage! A dog as high as me!! Its not right not right at all! but it will take me to the beach sometimes... But still i hate it! As well a new thing is a dog but its not a dog! They must think I'm stupid to give me a not dog so I bit it and they got cross so I act as if I think its living. And some of my silly humans get them selves in a phone. Some dogs get stuck in a TV I don't get stuck in their I'm not that stupid!
Bye for now! Luigi

Sunday, 9 November 2008

my pal

I have a pal named charlie. He loves to play with me and I love to play with him.

He is a what you call a sheep dog- I'm a coton de tulear. Two very strange names! I mean humans - what were they thinking! Charlie doesn't look anything like a sheep!

Well he and I love to play, and best of all he looks at my blog. Here is what he writes about his humans - hope you enjoy it as much as my blog.

human talk!

All humans do is talk.

The one I call Egg loves to talk about me! Which is nice but it does get boring some times.

One (The Little One) loves to play on a PC. I am using a PC to write this. I'm top dog!

Well back to my humans - The Little One loves to talk about something called runescape? What can it be? It must be fun for their small brains cos he loves it. Egg plays on it too but does not talk about it so much.

Now I have a human I like a lot. His name is Dad (Egg and The Little One call him that so I do too). He gives me lots of treats and spins me round and round when we meet (he goes on long trips and gets me hot dogs and I love em!)

The last is one I and my humans call Mum. Now she cooks me food - it's all nice but I only get scraps. Note: if your humans give you food then eat theirs, keep it that way for it's a sign of dominance to eat first (but I'm still working on it!)

Here is a photo of one of my humans talking about runescape - guess which one!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

human games and exercise

coton de tulear with sockI like to keep my humans fit and healthy by making sure they get lots of exercise.

If you need to give your humans some runtime, get a smelling thing (sock) and walk past your humans with it. They will get very exited!

They love to chase you and it's a good way to give them some nice easy runtime. They love it! They will yell and shout and run round and round.

If at the end of the game the humans give up, they will give you a nice ball (treat) for the smelling thing.

Of course, you must make sure that your humans never catch you. This could lead them to thinking they are the boss, which must not happen.

To do this game you need to get a toy - one of yours. Give it to them - they will throw it. Bring it back for them and they will throw it again, and so on. It's a good way to give them paw runtime.


To take your humans on a walk get a lead. Take it to the humans. They will put it on you. You get to choose which one you want by standing next to it. (I usually put the most bossy one on the lead as it keeps them under control). If you pull on the humans lead they will have to go with you. Stop suddenly and the human will have to drag you along. It may hurt a little but it's the only way on a walk. It is good to keep changing direction to. A walk will exercise your humans brain as well as their body.

Note: Stop at the run roads or your human might get hurt.

coton de tulear sock chasing game

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

my humans

coton de tulear in shoe Hi my humans call me Luigi so you can to.

My humans are big, tall, have no fur, and are very bossy. And they do not let me go up the hill (stairs).

Sometimes they play with me. If I play bite they get very cross. When I have a smelling thing (sock) they get cross and chase me. It's fun cos they are sooo sloow but in the den with the hill I sometimes get caught.

Sometimes they bite me (grooming) and it's not fun. I bite them back but they get cross. My best friend is wot my humans call poo bear.

I know it's short but see you soon. woof woof.