Wednesday, 1 October 2008

my humans

coton de tulear in shoe Hi my humans call me Luigi so you can to.

My humans are big, tall, have no fur, and are very bossy. And they do not let me go up the hill (stairs).

Sometimes they play with me. If I play bite they get very cross. When I have a smelling thing (sock) they get cross and chase me. It's fun cos they are sooo sloow but in the den with the hill I sometimes get caught.

Sometimes they bite me (grooming) and it's not fun. I bite them back but they get cross. My best friend is wot my humans call poo bear.

I know it's short but see you soon. woof woof.


Hightown said...

very funny

Hightown said...

Its charlie here i do the bighting thing but I recommend that you leap at them!!!!