Monday, 10 November 2008

funny human things!

The things humans have and do I mean!Well they did make the PC what I am using at the minute so that was a good one. But wot i hate is is the cap... No the caar yes that's it the car when I go in I have to sit in a cage! A dog as high as me!! Its not right not right at all! but it will take me to the beach sometimes... But still i hate it! As well a new thing is a dog but its not a dog! They must think I'm stupid to give me a not dog so I bit it and they got cross so I act as if I think its living. And some of my silly humans get them selves in a phone. Some dogs get stuck in a TV I don't get stuck in their I'm not that stupid!
Bye for now! Luigi

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Hightown said...

Hi its Charlie, I think you are right what were the humans thinking when they called us Border collie and Coton De Tulear there absolutly MAD! my humans are getting worse and worse today they were telling me THE BOSS what to do I mean what an earth was on there mind? anyhow hope you get on well with your humans

Charlie xxxxxx