Sunday, 9 November 2008

human talk!

All humans do is talk.

The one I call Egg loves to talk about me! Which is nice but it does get boring some times.

One (The Little One) loves to play on a PC. I am using a PC to write this. I'm top dog!

Well back to my humans - The Little One loves to talk about something called runescape? What can it be? It must be fun for their small brains cos he loves it. Egg plays on it too but does not talk about it so much.

Now I have a human I like a lot. His name is Dad (Egg and The Little One call him that so I do too). He gives me lots of treats and spins me round and round when we meet (he goes on long trips and gets me hot dogs and I love em!)

The last is one I and my humans call Mum. Now she cooks me food - it's all nice but I only get scraps. Note: if your humans give you food then eat theirs, keep it that way for it's a sign of dominance to eat first (but I'm still working on it!)

Here is a photo of one of my humans talking about runescape - guess which one!


Alison said...

What a great listener you are Luigi. I hope they pay you by making you top dog soon :-) Here's a little secret though, the humans are likely eating the junk food and giving the good stuff to you so that you can be healthy.

Vienna said...

Hey were did you go you have not wrote for ever!