Thursday, 22 January 2009

now i was looking in a how to train your humans book and found a list hear is the list of things to show you are the boss

the humans lie on their back and let you on top

the humans feed you at the table

they play when you bring a toy

they let you walk them if you bring them the lead

and last and the most important they never ever leave you on your own

(Luigi) how hears the list to show if the humans are boss

they yell at you if you bite them (yep)

they do not play when you want to (yep)

they leave you on your own (yep)

they make you learn stuff (yep)

last if they ignore you (yep)

now of curse i am the boss of my humans they just need some training bye for now my humans need to be bit


Vienna said...

lol my humans need to be bit hey i have a blog too it would be cool if u could check it out

Vienna said...

Luigi I love your blog it is so funny but maybe lighten up on your humans! I have a blog too check it out

Lostcheerio said...

Luigi you're relentless! I pity the human that tries to cross you!

Vienna said...

Write please

LimeGreen said...

This is the first "dog blog" I've ever seen! Very funny.