Sunday, 12 April 2009

my humans living in a car!

My humans have been living a car. Its not very nice not nice at all it is bigger than the car my humans go in most of the time here is how it happened.

My humans were very happy and were making a big pile of stuff in the hall. I helped them by trying to put the stuff back were it went but they did not like that, So when I got something I chewed on it. Then we went in the car for a long time. When we got out we meet a nice man. Then we unloaded the car and put all the stuff in the new big car. After a long drive in the new car we stopped of in a camp site and put up a tent that joined on to the new big car. At night time egg and her brother went up into a place in the big car and went to sleep. Then mum and dad went to sleep on a bed that had been a sofa. Then i started crying it was not nice in the big car that's why I cried in the end I got to in the bed how cool is that! We went from place to place having lodes of fun I got to go on a beach to go fossil hunting and in a cave in Cheddar. Over all we had a great time.
bye, from the cool cute puppy called Luigi.
PS the big car we went in is a camper van egg.


MammaLaura said...

Yay, you're back!! I've really missed you and Egg, kept checking in every once in a while just in case...
I'm waiting for my very own Coton de Tulear puppy - he'll be ready to come home around the middle of May - and if it's all right with you I'd like to call him Luigi. Ever since I first read about you I've loved that name! But if you don't want me to call him that, I'll choose something else, it's all cool.
I also want to thank you and Egg for suggesting the ebook, I call it my "Dog Bible" and it's really been helpful. In addition, thank you for suggesting some cool toys.I've found your tips to be the best on the internet!
Sorry for such a long comment, but I'm just so glad to see you back!

Egg said...

Hi MammaLaura
thank you for commenting on my blog. I think it would be cool to have a puppy named after me.
Egg says if you send a picture of the new Luigi, she will put him on her blog.
from the cool cute puppy called Luigi

Hightown said...

Hi there Luigi!!

It sounds so horrible the moving car. i think it is called
a vam or van i can't quite remember. You humans must be very beculiar! Anyway got to go

Charlie ( :

loopyloulou said...

Hello Luigi I love your blog!!!
Keep on writing,